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Australian residential property...

It’s all about >> The best performing property market


  • Long-term Australian housing prices have proven to be strongest of many leading countries
  • Highly resilient to economic shock
  • Leading population growth and strong economic performance is driving demand in a supply-restricted market

It’s all about >> Low risk and good returns

  • Freehold property titles
  • Regulated development and building standards
  • Government planned urban corridor development
  • Strong banking sector with regulated lending policies
  • Clear foreign investment policy
  • High yields – typically 4% to 5% for landed property


Leaseback options deliver higher returns and lower risk on landed Australian homes.

It’s all about >> Land and Houses


(SYD/MEL/BNE – house v apartments symbols – March 2016)



It’s all about >> Growth Corridors



  • Population growth in corridors is up to 6 times the national average
  • Long-term 20 and 30 year urban development plans
  • Government driven with massive infrastructure investment
  • Socio-economic planning – housing, employment, education, recreation, services


It’s all about families

  • Australian families want to live in family homes
  • Affordability is driving design changes
  • Master-planned communities are designed to appeal to every aspect of family life and have a mix of housing formats to improve affordability

Great homes that people want to live in, in places that people want to live.