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It’s all about growth – Australia is a 6 Star Investment Destination

Australia is the fastest growing population of all G20 nations. Melbourne and Brisbane are the fastest growing cities. But, in urban growth corridors, families are pushing annual growth rates of 4% to over 6% - 4 times the national average.

In Australia’s growth corridors there is constantly rising demand for housing which is driving up prices.


Melbourne Growth Corridors are growing at 4% to 6% p.a

South East Queensland Growth Corridors are growing at 4% to 6% p.a.

Infrastructure investment is focused into growth corridors and Government planning supports development in concentrated locations.



It's all about finding the best Investment >> Destination

Australian property has proven to be the long-term growth leader compared to most leading markets that attract inbound investment. And, Australian property has proven to be more resilient to global financial shocks than most markets also – lower risk and better returns.